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Chicken Dr. Day 1

Well as of yesterday Scooter is having problems with her balance.  Her head is a little tilted when she walks and she no longer hops on lawn furniture or her play set.  Last night was really rough.  She has to walk up a 45 degree angle to get into her coop at night and this tossed her into a dizzy spin and wipeout.  Same thing this morning.  She is eating, drinking, poop looks good, and she is running around the yard like crazy! Just acting crazy! I started her on liquid vitamin yesterday and vitamin E thinking this could be wry neck but I have seen this in younger chicks and not ones that are 12 weeks old.  So tonight I am  once again playing Dr. to see if maybe she has an inner ear infection.  Looking for clogged little ears.  I am hoping its something this simple.